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Innovation has been around since the beginning of time. It is a concept that is celebrated and scorned, received or rejected, and it has been responsible for incredible impact and change and colossal failure. Most should leave it to the experts, probably, but all of us know it is vital to longevity and enhancement. Of course, it is great to learn the story of how someone dared to be different, but the "why" they dared is often the key. Such is the journey of Lynn Reecer.

Lynn's family hails from West Virginia, and she spent a good deal of her growing years in Dayton, OH. She decided to study at Indiana University. Her first date there and her last was with Mark Reecer. The entire story in between is for another day, but somehow those two social events would later lead to a now 30-year marriage. After attending the Kelly School of Business, Reecer was hired for sales with Xerox. She traveled to Dallas for a short time but returned home to the Midwest (Chicago) to be closer to family. 

Reecer's return provided an opportunity to reconnect with Mark in Indianapolis where he was finishing medical school. She later followed him to his residency at Ohio State University, and the couple eventually had their first child. Lynn made a strategic decision to leave the workforce and become a stay-at-home mother. "It was an incredible transition," she remembers, "and it was my most difficult job, ever."

Mark's first position in Indy was short-lived when an office in Fort Wayne began to recruit him. Lynn notes that she had no interest there, but after a year she fell "crazy in love" with the place. She volunteered in a school that received little help from parents, and the inner passion for making a difference would blossom as she organized a fund-raiser ($80K) to add a much-needed playground for the school.

Lynn's business background and passion to serve the needs of others would be required again through the unfortunate loss of a friend who was killed in a bicycle accident. Reecer started a nonprofit organization in 2001 to build trails in the area for safe walking and riding.

For two years, Lynn and others planned the task and assembled a board to form Aboite New Trails. Reece recalls that the key to success was the unified effort of the skills from all involved. She learned a great deal about people, organization, planning and the execution of a mission. In 2010, the Mayor and County Commissioner asked her to merge with other similar efforts, but the result was a $12 million 20-mile stretch of trails that has been an incredible asset to the community. 

Fort Wayne Real Producers DasFort Media

Reecer began to miss the elements of work, creativity, application of business acumen, etc. To help someone in the family, she shifted her efforts toward the real estate industry. In November of 2010, Lynn finished the merger for the trails and obtained her license to sell real estate. She loves building things from "scratch." Lynn was motivated by her reading of The E Myth and The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, and she became enamored with the concept of "team" and its application for REALTORS.

Reecer Properties today is the result of someone who dared to be different. Although the name is quite recognizable, the key to its success lies with the many and not the one. At the risk of sounding too trite, the teamwork really does make the dream work. An alarming number of agents quit after the first year (75 to 87 percent), and Lynn wanted to create something to inspire confidence and effectiveness for people to work in the industry. Her system also gives many the opportunity to hone skills and become an expert in a focused area. The result for the client is a well-oiled machine that efficiently and effectively serves customers in getting to the finish line with the greatest success and little stress. 

Lynn forged her team concept with options. Most of the members enjoy a salary with benefits (health, 401K, etc.), but others function more freely with a split arrangement. A person may begin with one arrangement and morph into another if desired, but many remain with the security. Offering benefits is not required, but Reecer thought it would be an asset and that it would add to the retainment of the workforce. She knew that her model was created for the long haul and not just to make money. In fact, she is sometimes not the highest paid person in the company. For Lynn, it is about creating something where the parts are greater than the whole. She notes that "all of us are smarter than any of us."

The team meets nearly every day to collaborate, strategize and solve problems. Though some are regular employees and others are not, there is no difference when it comes to serving the clients or helping the team. Everyone is "all in," and the results are staggering. Reecer uses personality tests to determine the skill sets of individuals, and she observes that the strength of the teams is the ability of the individuals to play roles that contribute to a pinnacle experience for clients. "In any team, like baseball, the individuals are performing their unique tasks to win," she concludes. In any transaction, at least 12 people are involved. The combination and coordinated effort provides the greatest potential of resources to help the client reach their goals.

For Reecer, it is all about the lead. Her notable work brings great exposure, which can benefit the team, but she has also formulated a Shared Lead Program that benefits both the clients and the team. If a team member generates their own lead, they pursue it as their lead, and the results follow them. Lynn wants every client to enjoy the benefits that they have created, so regardless of the agent on record, the team ensures that the transaction is successful. She has also learned that preparation is one of the most important features in the process. Staging the home and laying the groundwork increases the marketability and shortens the process. 

Lynn's husband, Mark Reecer, M.D., is a physiatrist who specializes in physical and medical rehabilitation. They have three children: Dan (who is pursuing his MBA), Suzie (who has a degree in art and works as a designer for Starbucks) and Maggie (who has a marketing degree and works for a national beer distributer). The Reecers enjoy golf and love activities around the lakes. This year, Lynn started another nonprofit called North East Indiana Talent Attraction Inc. The organization seeks to help local businesses recruit and obtain talent for their company.

Lynn Reecer has accomplished much, but the thread that runs through all of it is her passion to help others to be successful. From her moving and support as Mark finished his degree, her time at home providing a good start for the children to her work on the not-for profits and now Reecer Properties, Lynn has passionately sought to succeed and impact others for good. She has developed a keen sense of amalgamating her business skills of recruitment and marketing with her inner desire to teach and lead others in their pursuits to achieve.

Reecer is truly an entrepreneur, but she is the first to admit that the incredible risk that she takes can be daunting. She knows that she must spend money to make money, but that does not make it easy. She is pleased with her business model, and she is very pleased to share the concept with anyone who wants to know more about it.

Lynn Reecer may be an innovator, but it is fueled by the passion of caring and serving others. In time, her business philosophy and model may change the way people view teams, but one thing is for sure: It is changing the team at Reecer's Properties today.

— By Brian Ramsey

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When did you start your career in real estate?

My career in real estate began in March of 2013 when I was 20 years old.

What did you do before you became a realtor?

Before getting my real estate license I was a part-time office assistant/secretary for a local real estate firm. I started working there my senior year of high school through our ICE program and worked there for two and a half years while attending college at IPFW. Once I got my real estate license, it didn't take me long to realize it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I decided to finish out college with an associate's degree and put all my focus on a real estate career.

What are you passionate about right now in your business?

I would say the thing I'm most passionate about right now is the growth I'm seeing, which further fuels my excitement and desire to do better and better for my clients. Year five seems to be a peak year for a lot of Realtors, and it's exciting to see my listings pick up and a lot of repeat business starting to come back.

What has been the most rewarding part of your business?

Hands down the relationships. I have met some of the best people through my job and love building friendships with them. I get emotionally invested with so many of my clients and truly empathize with them during the ups and downs of a transaction.

What was your biggest challenge as a realtor?

As a new mom and wife, the "on-call" lifestyle of a Realtor can be a bit challenging, especially in a market where houses sell in five minutes and you literally have to drop everything you're doing to run and show a house! I have a great husband and support system though, so we've learned to make it work.

How does real estate fit into your dreams and goals?

Each year in real estate has gotten better and better, and it’s been a blessing to see. My goal is to keep refining my skills and to continue growing. All while enjoying the flexibility that comes with it to invest in my family. I see real estate in my goals and dreams for a long time to come!

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What's your favorite part of being a realtor?

Relationships, flexibility, seeing a tough deal come together, marketing and closings.

Define success. 

Honoring the Lord is all that truly matters; all other success will fade.

Tell us about your family.

I have an amazing husband, Kyle, who I've been married to for two years now. We met when he was a freshman in college. He played basketball for Grace College, and my brother-in-law was his assistant coach; we were set up, and the rest is history! We got pregnant shortly after getting married and had our sweet baby boy named Moses last September—he's been our biggest joy. We also have a dog named Gunther and a cat named Missy.

Favorite books?

The Bible.

Are there any charities or organizations you support?

Compassion International.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of the business?

My family and I love going to church, taking walks and riding bikes, going out to dinner (my husband is 6-foot-7 and loves to eat), watching football and basketball, and just being with each other. Simple is how we like it!

Given your status and expertise, what is some advice you would give the up and coming top producer?

Be flexible; it's tough to drop what you're doing and run to your client's needs, but a lot of times it's necessary and usually shows great service in the long run. Also—respond to people QUICKLY!

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