Who We Are

DasFort is a media agency located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A team of creative individuals, we have been working together across many mediums and platforms for over twenty years.

Our Clients

Working for our clients means constant vigilance, not limited to office hours. We drive brands forward, and build them up so that they attract attention. By increasing audience reach, sales are improved. Growth happens.

What We Do

Capture moments. Communicate unique perspectives. Create engaging visual and interactive experiences in photography, video, and print. We're always learning something new. Stay tuned for what's next.

Our History

Founded in 2006, a unique marketing agency, DasFort has worked with brands and customers from all realms, from industrial clients to individual home based companies. Specializing in photography and video, writing and editing, and custom websites, we can build and populate a brand from beginning to … infinity.

Your brand is never “finished,” it will grow and evolve along the way.

We take pride in curating a unique online presence tailored to individual needs.

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