Keri Garcia: "Helping People Find Homes in a City That I Love" [Video]

Recently, we had a chance to sit down with one of our clients and find out a little more about what she's doing to help the people of Fort Wayne.

Her bright personality, and bubbling energy make her extremely approachable—and quite frankly, a joy to work with. Fort Wayne, many times, is a small "big" city. Networking is crucial, and you'll often be surprised to find out how many people know the same people that you know. 

In this close knit community, word of mouth travels fast, and we're honored to share Keri's mission with you. Hopefully, by spreading the word, even more people will be able to find new homes in a city that we love.



"To show people who I am, let them know what I can do for them, and also why they should work with me."

Why did you get into real estate?

"I love to help people transition from one place to another, whether it's making them feel good about leaving the place that they raised their children—or making them feel great about the new chapter in their life."

What's next?

"Well, our new Mike Thomas corporate office is complete, and we'll be moving in this month. We're located off of Coldwater Road and we're super excited about this new building. 

Also, I'll be doing an "Around the Town" video series which will highlight some of my favorite Fort Wayne hotspots; featuring dining, entertainment, and even things to do with the kids." 

Our new building is almost complete. More details here! #FortWayne

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We're excited to be a part of Keri's upcoming "Around the Town" video series and can't wait to spread Fort Wayne awareness to all corners of the digital world. 

With Northeast Indiana's "Road to One Million" initiative underway, the plan is to increase the population of the region from about 780,00 to one million residents by the year 2031. The number one goal is to attract population growth and talent, and of course, these new people need places to live.

We have a vision of becoming a region of 1 million people by developing the quality of life needed to attract top talent and expand our business landscape.
— Road to One Million, Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership
We're number one!

We're number one!

Earlier this year, Fort Wayne was ranked as the number one place to raise a family. This is not the only list Fort Wayne has made in terms of housing. Fort Wayne ranked in the top ten for both places "where millennials are buying homes," and "cities with the biggest housing shortages." 

But don't worry, this is a fantastic time to buy or sell, and yes, Keri can sell for you. 


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Photos and videos by Tony Frantz