It's Not About the "Likes" — It's About Value: Part II

~ This is the third installment in a series focused on social media for real estate marketing, for Real Producers Fort Wayne. ~

Welcome back! Last month we touched briefly on the trap that is chasing “likes” and “boosting posts” — numbers don’t mean much — unless you’re actually converting those likes into leads and sales. 

The main thing you need to focus on is inbound marketing. Creating quality content that attracts your ideal client to you. It’s an “if you build it, they will come” type scenario. If you project the right image, and publish material with your customers’ interest in mind — they will choose you.

Providing value is the main element of inbound marketing. Facebook is a great tool for distributing your content, but it’s also useful for strengthening your brand and increasing engagement with potential buyers. Here are a few more ideas to help take your Facebook marketing to the next level.

What’s your goal? 

Everything you do on Facebook should be with the intention of collecting emails for your database. Consider every post in this light — how will it help get more emails? Email marketing should be one of the cornerstones of your marketing endeavors (more on this in our next installment).

Let others sing your praises. 

One approach to instilling trust in potential clients — let your satisfied customers do the talking. Turn on the star ratings (/reviews) for your Facebook business page, and ask your happy customers for some feedback about their experience with you. There’s nothing like glowing five-star testimonials to help convince someone you are the realtor they need.

Power Move: Use some of the very best reviews (or snippets) in your ads. 

Get personal. 

Real estate is all about people and relationships, which makes Facebook the perfect platform to connect. Business pages remain important, but without paying for people to see your content, it can easily get lost. The Facebook algorithm is set to serve up more content from personal accounts than it is from business accounts (unless you pay, of course).

Consider connecting with clients on a personal level, from your personal account once you’ve reached the end of a successful transaction.

Power Move: Put past clients into a private “client list” so that you can engage with them intentionally, and gear specific posts to them. While you’re at it, make a list of “potential clients” as well. This helps target your content so you’re not spamming friends and family with real-estate-related-posts. 

Don’t be a drive-by-liker. 

Randomly liking things on Facebook is just that — random. Use your personal Facebook to cultivate relationships with past and potential clients with intentional interactions which add up with every comment, share, and like. 

Power Move: Share content from past clients that is truly excellent, interesting, or helpful. Social media is a two-way street, and sharing content from past clients is a way to further the bond between you. They will appreciate it, and be more likely to recommend you to a friend. 

Consider starting a group. 

Facebook groups are extremely popular, and are considered a goldmine for realtors. Groups can be public, private, or secret, and often inspire more interaction than Facebook profiles or business pages as people view them as a safe space with like-minded individuals. 

They are a great place to establish yourself as an expert, foster trust, and network. Start a group about the city, neighborhood, or community, and share valuable local information.

(If you’re new to groups, join an existing realtor-related group for ideas and you’ll soon catch on.)

Power Move: Invite business leaders and other well known individuals to the group, and help curate and lead inspiring, informative discussions. Groups are a great place to build relationships and get to know people you may not otherwise interact with.

“Live video is more appealing to brand audiences: 80 percent would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82 percent prefer live video from a brand to social posts.” 

— Livestream

Do it live. 

2018 is all about the live video — from Instagram and Snapchat, to Facebook, live video typically gets more interaction, more reactions, and comments than any other kinds of posts. Try to make it as interactive as possible, ask questions, provide information, and be real.

A professional video tour is one road to take, but simply recording yourself walking through your latest listing can be simpler, cheaper, and more realistic for the viewer. Your friendly face helps provide context, builds trust, and puts you in frame as an expert. Many people are afraid to get on camera. If you can overcome any hesitation and just get out there and do it, people will respect you for the effort.  

According to an Australian Real Estate Group, real estate listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without.

Power Move: Show your real life. Show something unexpected at a house you are listing, take a poll, do a giveaway, have a contest, create excitement. This is your chance to illustrate how fun and unique you are as a realtor — get creative.

DasFort Media Tony Frantz

Targeted ads. 

The level of targeting available on Facebook makes it one of the most ideal platforms to advertise on. You can target zip codes, age, and specific demographics such as income and homeownership status (first-time homebuyer, home owners, and renters) — even people “likely to move”! 

Power Move: Create a custom lookalike audience by uploading your email list of sold clients. Facebook will find similar people who statistically may be more likely to purchase their next home than the average Facebook user. 

Make better ads. 

First impressions are everything, so be sure to use high-quality, stunning, and professional images in your ads. Also, keep the “real” in real estate — with realistic photos and a straightforward approach. Put all the relevant information (price, square feet, etc.) in the ad copy and don’t make people click for it, which can undermine trust and make people feel resentful. 

Power Move: Use the Facebook Power Editor to run highly targeted ads intended to get specific results. Always have a strong call to action.

Remember: You Are Your Brand

In today’s media saturated world, you are never “off.” You are your own brand, 24/7 and all of your social media should be viewed/utilized with this in mind. Don’t be afraid to use your personal Facebook account to nurture new leads, and maintain old ones. 

Keep it “real” and aim for meaningful engagement with people, besides the occasional like. People gravitate towards things and people that are honest and genuine. 

There’s only one you with all of your experience and background, let your (professional) personality attract like-minded individuals — and remember, have fun!

~ Too busy selling and listing to run Facebook? Need some one-on-one coaching, or want to schedule a group class? DasFort Media can help! ~

Photos & Video by Tony Frantz

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