Winebars Are IN


Fort Wayne, Indiana is no Chicago or New York when it comes to city dining. However, thanks to the opening of Chop's Wine Bar there is no longer a need to leave Fort Wayne to experience the wonderful metropolitan ambiance you would find there. Hidden next to its parent restaurant, Chop's Wine Bar provides a unique and urban dining adventure that will not disappoint.

Brian Shreffler, Chop's Wine Bar former chef, had a vision for an “old-school,” speakeasy bar Fort Wayne style. For two years, Brian tossed around ideas to develop a trendy wine bar next to the main restaurant. The space next door was the perfect place for this extraordinary concept; however, it was a matter of convincing the owners of the Vitamin store to relocate. Graciously, the Vitamin store granted Chops’ wish and construction began in October of 2009.

Photo by Tony Frantz


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