Services Designed with Women in Mind: O'Daniel Mazda/Automart Joins with

Brought to you by O'Daniel Mazda/Automart.

Who is the ONLY dealership to carry "female friendly certification" in a 60 mile radius? None other than Indiana's Dealer of the Year, O'Daniel Mazda/Automart. In addition to the exceptional service and signature experience already provided, the needs of female clients have been addressed by joining the growing network of Certified Female Friendly® locations all over North America.


Women make up roughly 50% of the population, and about the same percentage of car buyers. Yet, when purchasing a vehicle, many women feel a little hesitant, perhaps out of depth in the traditionally male dominated realm of automobiles. Speaking to a male salesman can often be a daunting or off-putting task for many. To counter this, the team at O'Daniel Mazda/Automart have all completed a specialized training and certification process in order to make the experience of purchasing of a vehicle easier, friendlier, and one that may even exceed a woman's expectations.

Want to schedule a service appointment? Access coupons and discounts? Get pre-approved? Learn more about car care? Now women have the ability to do all these things in one simple location, online. O'Daniel Mazda/Automart now has two new female-focused micro-sites in conjunction with that provides answers, tools and tips most commonly asked for by women.

How exactly does a dealership become Certified Female Friendly®? The entire staff at O'Daniel Mazda/Automart participated in an extensive female-focused training program, detailing increased awareness, appreciation, and commitment to serving women to the best of their abilities. The training does not stop there either, employees will undergo year-round female-friendly instruction and work with a special marketing support program which will allow them to build long-term relationships with the women that keep coming back.

"Women influence 85 percent of the buying decisions in North American households, effectively becoming the family's chief purchasing officer," says Jody DeVere, CEO of, Inc. "AskPatty trains and certifies automotive businesses on how to communicate more effectively with women and ensure they feel safe, respected and empowered, which creates tremendous customer loyalty. O'Daniel Mazda's and O'Daniel Automart's commitment to women shows that management is serious about earning their business."

The revolutionary Certified Female Friendly® program is only one of the prongs in the attempt to turn over a new leaf in the women's automotive retail market., Inc., headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, provides for the female consumer a constant reliable source of expert automotive advice and info, their website.

O'Daniel Mazda/Automart may be the only female friendly certified dealership in the area, but you can find more via the location search.