Fort Wayne's first Wine Bar … is at CHOPS.


Chop’s Wine Bar is one of the hottest places in town and Fort Wayne’s only wine bar. It has a more polished atmosphere and serves more exotic food than its next-door-neighbor, Chop’s Restaurant. It’s known for using quality, exotic ingredients prepared by some of the best chefs around. The menu is influenced by regions from all over the world, from Japan to Canada to New Orleans.

I visited the wine bar before they opened while they were doing a photo shoot, so I sampled the food once they were done shooting it, and I met the chef and the rest of the staff. I should probably insert a disclaimer here that I didn’t try the wine, though I’m sure it’s just as good as the food.

The atmosphere of the bar was polished and formal. The dim lighting from stained glass hanging lights reflected elegantly off the glassware behind the bar. The staff was professional and friendly as they described the ingredients that made each dish both beautiful and delicious. The food had a well-balanced texture, color, and flavor. They served tender duck meat with crispy French fries in the Poutine, an upscale version of the traditional Canadian dish. I had bright pink ginger-seared tuna with green calamari salad, a combination that tasted as brilliant as it looked. Their scallop tacos were a delightful combination of savory scallops with sweet oranges, tart pickled onions, and a spicy pork rind.

I’m amazed how so many flavors can mingle together so well and yet remain so distinct. The arrangement of flavors and colors was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed everything I tasted. Quality ingredients prepared with utmost care and artistic flare, served in an elegant atmosphere: it’s no surprise why Chop’s Wine Bar is one of the trendiest places in town.

Photos by Tony Frantz