A Perfect Way to Wine Down


Nestled in the middle of our bustling downtown, Wine Down is the perfect addition to the ever growing city of Fort Wayne. With wines like Rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Moscato there’s something for everyone to try. Walking in to Wine Down, one immediately feels the Tuscan-style ambiance with the stone walls and warm browns. Your eyes dart from wine bottle to wine bottle— wondering which one will steal your tastebud’s hearts. Here, the options are limitless. Want a bottle? No problem. Feeling like having a glass? Just say the word. There are over 50 different wines available for tasting. A new tasting machine lets you try wines from all over the world, including Germany, Argentina, and Italy. A small key card gives you access to a tasting machine that has bottles of red and white wines, keeping track of what you try and which size (small, medium or large) you try of it.


Not only does Wine Down have bottles upon bottles of wine, they also have an exceptional selection of food. Try their cheese board that includes the chef’s choices of artisan cheeses, fresh fruit, and old world meats that goes perfectly with their recommended wines flavors. Or indulge in some of their tempting tapas that are so savory they will carry your senses straight to Spain. One reviewer on Yelp, Katelyn, from Fort Wayne, gave this review about Wine Down:

The food was excellent. Our group tried four tapas plates, soups, salads, and a meat and cheese board. The staff was excellent and I love that the owners were mingling with the guests, asking about their experience and offering advice on wine and food choices. They also offer to split the bill, which is a huge plus for groups!”

Gary Skeel, owner of Wine Down, thinks that Wine Down is just what Fort Wayne needs, and we couldn't agree with him more. "We started brainstorming the concept and decided Fort Wayne was really missing a relaxing, mature bar atmosphere. Together, we created the kind of place we would want to go with friends to enjoy light bites and drinks. We took special care in designing our bar to feel like you've left the city and can enjoy a little retreat. I think Fort Wayne was ready for something different, and that is why we decided to create Wine Down!"

So, whether you like them sweet or dry, red or white, Wine Down allows you to act like the connoisseur you’ve always dreamed of becoming— even if it’s just for the night.