2012 Mizpah Shrine Horse Show a Huge Success!


The end of September is the time of year where the leaves change, the weather gets colder, and a warm fire and hot cocoa sound better and better as the month goes by. Another reason to look forward to the end of September is the annual Mizpah Shrine Charity Horse Show that is held every year at the Mizpah Shrine Fairgrounds located in Columbia City, Indiana, home of the International Award Winning Mizpah Shrine Horse Patrol!

This year, like all the years previous, was a huge success, not only for the riders and competitors, but also for the Mizpah Shrine Organization in raising money for the Mizpah Shrine Children's Hospital. The slogan of the show, "We ride so that kids may walk," really brings home the message that this show isn't just about the ribbons and the competition, it is about helping children in need.

Let them ride, so that others can walk.

Let them ride, so that others can walk.

In addition to the horse show itself, there was an amazing Wild West Review including many different acts from around the Indiana area as well as some great musical talent in the pavilion throughout the evening. The featured musician for Friday night was the newly signed recording artist John Curran and Renegade, and the Blue Bird Revival was featured on Saturday night as well as the Twang Gang. The performance acts were wonderful as well, featuring the Rawhide and Dusty show, The Hot Wheels Miniature Donkey Chariot Racers, the Red Hats and Purple Chaps Drill Team, and the Mizpah Shrine Horse Patrol Precision Riders just to name a small handful!

At the end of the day, this years show was another huge success. The performances were top-notch, the music was great as always, and the riders themselves made many new memories to tide them over until next year's show comes around. Judging by the huge amount of smiling faces around me, I'm sure everyone will agree that we all cannot wait to see what lies in store for the Mizpah Shrine Horse Show next year!