The 42nd Annual Johnny Appleseed Festival

Every year, thousands flock to Fort Wayne’s own Johnny Appleseed Festival for the scrumptious food, fun games, amazing crafts, live music, and overall enchanting atmosphere. This September 17th and 18th will bring the enchantment of 18th century culture and cuisine. With the crisp fall air, the 42nd Annual Johnny Appleseed Festival promises all the hype and adventure as usual. Personally, I cannot wait to chomp on a delicious caramel apple while browsing the many craft tents!

A few volunteers spinning yarn at the Johnny Appleseed Festival. ( FortWaynePhotoJournal )

A few volunteers spinning yarn at the Johnny Appleseed Festival. (FortWaynePhotoJournal)

Some popular attractions this year include: The Farmer’s Market, Food Booths, Craft Booths, Demonstrations, Antiques and Primitives, Trappers 'n Traders, and the Children’s Area. Free parking is provided at IPFW and Concordia Lutheran High School where you can park and ride a free shuttle to and from the festival.

Johnny Appleseed (Illustrated by  Joshua S. Brunet )

Johnny Appleseed (Illustrated by Joshua S. Brunet)

The festival began in 1974 with only about 20 vendors; with Eckrich, Lincoln Life, and Fort Wayne Parks  & Recreation among the sponsors. The festival was located on Parnell avenue, but now, with over 200 booths, it has grown to cover most of Johnny Appleseed and Archer parks.

While attending the festival, most people make a point to visit Johnny’s gravesite. Although this site is nationally known, the Johnny Appleseed Festival, Inc. believes that the site truly holds the graves of the Archer family instead of John Chapman. So this year, find the popular spot of Johnny Appleseed’s grave, but also look through the bushes and down the hill for the Archer family gravestones!

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The supposed gravesite of Johnny Appleseed

Autumn is just around the corner, and so is the Johnny Appleseed Festival! Be sure to gather your friends, family, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, light jackets, and all Johnny-enthusiasts this year for the historic celebration.

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It's our favorite festival! We're head over heels!

The Fort Falls For Johnny Appleseed