MKM architecture + design Gallery Open House

119 West Wayne Street

119 West Wayne Street

For thirty-five years, MKM architecture + design has been interested in community health and well-being. They are passionate about designing meaningful places that explore ideas of dignity, comfort, and engagement. To celebrate these ideas, MKM held an open house exhibit entitled "Boundaries: Exploring Meaningful Thresholds" on June 9, 2016 to show how their creative process is exploring the relationship between place and perception.

The evening included work from artists like Alec Johnson, Cary Shafer, Jeremy Stroup, and other local legends. Music was provided by Adam Meyer and there was a special performance by Pyroscope Entertainment as well.

MKM is an award-winning architecture, interior design, and planning firm. Their expertise spans various project types, from downtown housing to critical access hospitals. In addition to this expertise, MKM has established itself as a champion for inclusive design — serving as the “Quality of Place” consultant for Northeast Indiana’s winning Regional Cities proposal. With topics ranging from the physical considerations of ADA accessibility to the mental and emotional components of aging-in-place initiatives, MKM is nationally recognized for their approach to designing places for people of all ages and abilities.

MKM’s main focus is designing and building locations for community health, outpatient care, acute care, and long-term care. The leadership team consists of six members who pride themselves on having extensive knowledge in the ideas and of community care and outreach. 

Photos by Tony Frantz


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