Jeep Jam 2013 [Video]


Beginning eight years ago, the ODZ Jeep Jam is a Fort Wayne Indiana local fundraising event for the Disabled American Veterans. This year's Jeep Jam raised $25,000 for a cumulative total of over $120,000 in donations for the DAV. The O'Daniel Automotive Group along with the Kessie Jeep Farm have perfected this day of fun and family, promoting the local area by taking care of veterans who have given everything to protect American ideals and freedoms just like these. Wholesome warm hearted intentions aside, Jeep Jam is a day for jeep enthusiasts to get dirty in the trails and see who wins in the wild, man-made metal and machine, or good old mother nature. Overcoming obstacles is the clear cut adventure of off-roading these four wheel drive vehicles, but helping those who served our country promotes the social fabric that holds us together and unites us all. From one Jeep loving family to another.

Read the local newspaper's take on this year's Jeep Jam 2013 or take a look back at pictures and video from 2011's Jeep Jam

Photos and video by Tony Frantz