Highlights from Greater Fort Wayne Inc.'s First Annual Celebration

Last week marked the first annual celebration of Greater Fort Wayne Inc. since the combination of the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce and the Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance. The event, exclusive to its investors, was held on May 28 at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

GFW Inc. conducted an economic study on the current health of Fort Wayne, and how it compares to other Midwest metro areas of similar size. As it stands now, Fort Wayne ranks 52nd out of 100. The overall goal is for Fort Wayne to be a top metro area in the country.

Many individuals and companies do not view Fort Wayne as a middle of the road community, they believe in, and are committed to making this city into something greater. The vision is that, "within 10 years, greater Fort Wayne will be recognized as a top 25 mid-size metro area in the Midwest, home to innovative business, collaborative leasers, spirited entrepreneurs and a culturally rich, prosperous community."

The annual meeting helped to remind members of this vision, and hopefully inspire them to not just hope for a brighter tomorrow, but to make a brighter future for Fort Wayne today. Ron Turpin, board chair, and Mark Becker, CEO, gave opening remarks and passed out awards before a special presentation of Something Greater by Matt Kelley of One Lucky Guitar with the artistic accoutrements of Metavari and dAnce.Kontemporary.

Today is the start of something greater, and Greater Fort Wayne Inc. stands for greater innovation, greater momentum, greater results, greater community, and greater action. To learn more about how you can help build a greater future for the vibrancy and prosperity of Fort Wayne, visit their website and Be Part of Something Greater.


Photos and video by Tony Frantz