Blown Out of The Water By Middle Waves

Guest post by @MollieShutt


Momentum has a soundtrack — and it’s loud.


Middle Waves. What a fantastic experience.

But saying it was fantastic would hardly be fair to the spectacle that I witnessed September 16th and 17th.

Middle Waves was truly a festival for everyone, and I loved that there were all kinds of people being drawn out to this event for different reasons. There were artists on three different stages so that people could choose who they wanted to see perform based on genre. As well as the music, there was The Village, which included local food and art vendors — and that was just the beginning. There were artists creating pieces inspired by the performers, hula hoopers in The Lawn and in the fountain at Headwaters Park, and there were people in costumes and covered in silver paint. There was something for everyone, and people were clearly taking advantage of all that was being offered over the festival weekend.

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But, the main draw of this festival was all of the local and national bands that were performing over those two days. In the weeks before the festival, I had heard good things about the performers in the lineup, but the performers exceeded my initial expectations. On Friday night, I watched Ike Reilly and the Assassination, Sidewalk Chalk, and Best Coast. Those three shows were incredible. I ended up with 400 photos between two cameras on Friday night, so here are a few of my favorites: 

@sidewalkchalkmusic 🤘🏼

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I have so many good photos of @sidewalkchalkmusic & I'm not even complaining 🙆🏼😭😍

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And then I came back for Saturday.

And I was blown away by Oddisee, Tanlines, and The Flaming Lips.

In the days since The Flaming Lips’ performance, I have found that photos are the only thing that do Wayne Coyne’s act any ounce of justice. So, here are my favorite photos from their sets: 

Oddisee on the Maumee Stage at @middlewaves ! 🎶✨

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Middle Waves was the perfect end to summer here in Fort Wayne. I’m already missing this great festival, and I hope it will catch on and become one of Fort Wayne’s biggest summer events as the years go on!


Flaming Lips 🤘🏼💜

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(All photos by Mollie)