The New Kid on the Block is RōG Sports Medicine!


In the management of healthcare costs, one company has found a unique specialty in helping hospitals optimize resources by empowering hospitals to regain control over their inventory. This startup company based out of Orland Park, IL is The Rhode Orthopedic Group (RōG). RōG was founded in 2010 by Blair Rhode, a sports medicine specialist, when he saw an opportunity to provide quality, stable technologies to the orthopedic industry. The company seeks to minimize inflated prices by not shifting costs from established products to the development of new products. RôG is solely focused on manufacturing high-quality implants, and its sales and distribution will be handled by OrthoDirectUSA. "The cost of healthcare in the U.S. is not sustainable in its present form and the value stream needs to be re-defined," said Tommy Mitchell, president of OrthoDirectUSA. The company’s belief is that when products are innovative, they should command and deserve top pricing. But when products are no longer innovative, it is important to pass the savings to the customer. Many industries, to the contrary, continue inflated prices on products that are no longer innovative in order to provide money to research new products.  

RōG Uses 3 Techniques to Minimize Costs

The first way the company is able to keep costs down is by being ecological. Understanding that the medical industry is one of the largest polluters, RōG is working to reduce the disposable mentality in medicine today. Just one example of this philosophy is that the company utilizes reusable inserters. By utilizing reusable inserters, the company can eliminate up to 95% of waste involved in implant insertion. RōG is an EcoOrtho® company.

A second method RōG uses is keeping costs down with the utilization of stable technologies. By producing products that are necessary but not innovative RōG seeks to capitalize on their ability to produce products with lower costs.

The third technique is that RōG is seeking to keeps costs down by reducing unnecessary costs. This is done by connecting the hospital directly to the manufacturer. Not only will service be enhanced, but medical providers have more control over resources and the expensive sales, marketing, and distribution costs are eliminated through direct buying. RōG uses OrthoDirectUSA, Inc., a Fort Wayne, IN based company, and their ORDT program allows hospitals to achieve this goal and no longer use the consignment model of inventory for supplying purchasing. OrthoDirectUSA teaches, trains, and coaches personnel to manage the implant supply chain by taking a higher level of responsibility.

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