Tesla helps Save the World one Battery at a Time

by Joy Fanning

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How can the world transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy?

According to Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of Tesla, the answer is simple: build 100 Tesla Gigafactories.

In the past year, Musk gave Leonardo DiCaprio, who has publicly expressed concern for the environment, a tour of the Gigafactory. There, Leo learned how the company changes the way energy is used via lithium ion batteries. 

Elon and Leonardo DiCaprio

While Tesla is currently unable to build 100 Gigafactories, Musk hopes that by pioneering the sustainable energy, larger companies will follow suite. He said when their Gigafactory alone reaches full capacity, it will produce more lithium ion batteries by 2018 than there were produced worldwide in 2013.

Musk said solar power is another great source of renewable energy. However, it is not always an option.

"The sun doesn't shine all the time,” Musk said, “so you've got to store it in a battery.”

Musk explained to Leo that if remote villages had both solar panels and Tesla batteries to store energy, they could become self-sufficient without a need for power lines. 

In addition, Tesla aims to make lithium ion batteries more cost-efficient. The company hopes that if the price is driven down, people will use alternative energy sources more often. The result would be a reduced global dependence on fossil fuels and a better future for the environment.