Promises Are a Bond in the Business World

Vice President Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence

It’s true. When you look a person in the eye and make them a promise, it is a guarantee. Same as a handshake, your words should stand for something. I don’t think businesses today grasp the seriousness of a true promise.

As I have said before, I work in retail sales. My sole job depends on making the customer so happy that they want to come back for our business.

Say I promised these customers an honest sale and at a discount. Come time for the customers to pay, I sell them the wrong item because the store receives more money and tell them that I am not authorized to give a discount. They are pissed. I look like a fool. I lose a sale.

The business looks bad. I’m not saying to make promises that you can’t keep and make huge discounts willy-nilly. All I’m saying is that if you make a promise, make sure that this promise is well within your means of being able to honor. If a business is truly successful, they will place enough trust in their employees to satisfy the customer without losing money.

And how do you think that employees earn this honor and trust? Yep. They are true to their customers because they deliver on their promises. It’s a vicious cycle of dishonesty today that either allows unethical businesses with a monopoly to thrive or the sole reason for a business’ downfall.

It’s not that hard to keep your word. I promise.

By Robert Miller


Photo by Tony Frantz