OverCaffeination: So What?


Something I noticed recently has led me to believe that “doctors” and “the government” are really just trying to piss people off and kill businesses. On BusinessWeek.com there is an article mentioning that with the recent burst of energy drinks hitting the market, doctors and the FDA are concerned for people’s safety. Guess what? Apparently, nobody cares.

Lawsuits have been filed against companies such Monster for being unsafe and containing “unidentified ingredients” and there is talk about the FDA beginning to limit how much caffeine can be allowed within each can of go-juice. My question is this: Why?

Why would a company sell a product that would kill off their consumers and why would the FDA want to limit the milligrams? Think of the DEET theory we had long ago. As we began to use pesticides on crops that would kill off bugs, more and more bugs became tolerant to the dosage. We then had to keep increasing the dosage to kill the bugs. I’m not saying that we need to jack up the caffeine to meet the appropriate impact on the caffeine-resistant consumer, but the theory holds true.

Those people who have three to five energy drinks per week will obviously become resistant to the effects. At this point they keep drinking more cans or look for those cans with a higher dosage to satisfy their cravings. If the FDA lowers or puts a limit on the allowed dosage, companies that produce these drinks will see a huge drop in overall sales. A drop in sales could lead to layoffs and eventually bankruptcy. If my point isn’t obvious at this point, I’ll bring it home: lawsuits and the FDA’s overbearing attempts to control these drinks could inevitably kill valuable portions of our economy.

For those people who hate coffee breathe like myself, raise your cans with me and pop the tab for a salute to energy drinks.

By Colleen