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This content originally appeared in the October 2018 issue of Real Producers Fort Wayne

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Taking Care of Others: A Lifestyle

The Journey of Mick McMaken

Almost every sales business is filled with plaques and signs in the office that tout the ingredients of success for sales people. Whether it attempts to create mindset or motivate people beyond their limiting thoughts, agents are inundated with inspirational suggestions. At the end of the day, some sayings are just timeless and cannot be avoided. For Mick McMaken and the American Dream Team, taking care of others is not a saying but a lifestyle.

McMaken started his career in the retail side of the auto industry. He began as a porter at a dealership, and in a short time had worked his way into management. During his stint as General Manager, Mick increased the monthly sales of autos almost seven-fold. Auto sales taught him plenty about people, the skill set of sales, management, processes and a solid work ethic. Still, after over two decades, Mick longed for something more. He wanted to find an industry that rewarded him for taking care of people and for helping them to reach their goals without any restrictions. After a review of various opportunities, McMaken found a niche in real estate.

Mick unleashed his business plan and philosophy in 2013. He began with internet leads and provided excellent client care. By 2014 he began receiving referrals from satisfied clients. “If you truly put the client first and ask them for referrals, they will provide them for you,” McMaken notes. Today, 71 percent of his business comes from referrals. That is not all. Mick completely by-passed the Rising Star level and accelerated at the speed of light to Shining Star. As a leader in the Allen County market, McMaken observes that he has only one percent of the market. “There is enough room at the finish line for all of us,” he concludes.

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The American Dream Team has assembled rather quickly to a total of 17. Mick teaches them that success is not a dollar amount but rather a feeling of fulfillment. It reaches beyond occupation into the rest of one’s life in the areas of physical, financial, spiritual, happiness, etc. Success is accomplished in the daily routine and certainly reveals itself when clients are served properly. When people are first, the money follows. Only two members of the team have sold real estate longer than two years. Most find quick success. One member had sold for a decade but doubled production after joining the team.

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McMaken thinks the system is broken. Agents test in but are not really taught how to find clients or how to serve them. The failure rate is high, and many do not survive. Mick’s attention to relationships, solid service, sound sales principles and good business practices propels agents from just surviving to absolute thriving. The team has formed strong bonds, and they help one another out of an interest in the other team members without the sharing of commissions. Mick wants each to have the needed freedom to spend with family, to be able to reach unlimited income potential and to be rewarded for doing the right things for people.

Mick’s life completely changed after his encounter with Rick Warren’s book Purpose Driven Life. For 40 days, his self-examination and commitment to God and purpose slowly changed him to value the right impact on others. In a sense, he developed a deep desire to approach life and business in a very different way from the past. It has made all the difference, and not only changed him but those around him. Mick is a single dad and is raising four children: Tyler Black (24), Chance McMaken (18), Baylee McMaken (17), and Morgan McMaken (13). He enjoys golfing and baseball with the guys and movies with the girls. The family loves anything to do with sand and sun.

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Mick jokes that his father and Wayne Gretzky always said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” He has been taught to work extremely hard (spends about 65 hours a week) and to fearlessly drive to goals. The team is on track to sell nearly 400 transactions and $60 million this year. He has purchased land for a new office, and he hopes to have 50 agents by 2020.

Mick McMaken is a real producer. He often remarks to people that he is living the dream. “I sell them all, big or small; it makes no difference to me at all!” So, one life at a time, McMaken will continue to take care of people. It is who he is and what he does.

— By Brian Ramsey

Rising Star: Caleb Blevins

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I have been a Realtor for one full year starting back in May. 

My career volume in the business so far is $3,990,117

My total volume last year was $2,087,400

The award that I received for being a Realtor so far was being the American Dream Team Rookie of the Year. An award I’m very proud to hold.

I began my career in real estate last May when I joined the American Dream Team.

Before I began my career as a real estate agent, I was in college at IPFW studying secondary education right out of high school. Real estate met all of my needs that I was wanting out of a professional career, and I couldn’t be more excited about my decision.

One thing that I am passionate about in my business is making sure that I treat all of my clients like family. I want to make sure that it is an enjoyable experience for all of my clients and treat them with the same level of respect and honesty I would a close family member.

The most rewarding part about my business thus far is the fact that I have gained lifelong friends. From the individuals on the American Dream Team to all of my clients. I couldn’t be more fortunate to have the individuals in my life that take me to the next level to reach not only my goals, but my clients’ expectations as well.

My biggest challenge becoming a Realtor was time management. Making sure that I was spending enough time with my business and my family was a tough one for me. The farther I get involved with my business though, the easier it has come to me.

Real estate makes it possible to meet a lot of individuals that I wouldn’t have met if I wouldn’t have been in the business. Real estate fits into my goals and dreams by allowing myself to help individuals and change lives. There’s just nothing else out there that has that same effect that real estate does. 

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My favorite part about being a Realtor is helping individuals not only achieve their home-buying goals, but getting the chance to become their friend during the transaction process. 

Success is happiness. The moment you find yourself working really hard while balancing relationships that are important to you and enjoying every minute of it in the moment, that is when you will have found yourself truly successful. 

My family and friends are my biggest support group. Without their love and support I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. My mom had showed me what it took to work hard and constantly told me over and over again when I was younger, I could do anything that I set my mind to. Since then that has stuck with me and motivates me every day. I’m so blessed to have my beautiful wife, Tessa, in my life. She has made me grow as a professional and as an individual. I couldn’t be any more fortunate to have the individuals in my life that I do. 

My favorite book is The Last Lecture. That book taught me so much about how to not take life for granted and to actually live your life the way you want to live it. Cherish what’s around you in the moment.

A few hobbies of mine would be weightlifting, reading books, and playing video games when I’m able. I’m always trying to experience new things and get involved into new hobbies.

Advice I would give an up and coming top producer is that you have to trust in the process and believe that you can reach your goals. Stay humble and hustle hard until all of your goals are met.

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