Indigo Sound and Electric Promotions Present: Indigo Lounge at Jennifer Ford Art

This Saturday, April 16th at Jennifer Ford Art, Indigo Sound and Electric Promotions have joined together for a truly unique event. The first of its kind in the midwest, Indigo Lounge is a launch event for the second season of the podcast: "Indigo Sound." This podcast presents a new way to experience urban music, and "features interviews with young adults doing extraordinary things, regardless of their age."

✨Indigo Children✨: 

A name given to the new type of human being born in this generation. Displaying amazing feats of intuition and intelligence beyond their years, and an unshakable amount of ambition ... this generation is expected to change the world.

"Indigo Lounge," is intended not only as a new soulful sanctuary for those relating to this description, but also as a showcase of the talents Fort Wayne has to offer. "We hope to bring individuals with extreme ambition and drive under one roof along with showcasing their talents in hopes of helping progress their careers."

INDIGO LOUNGE 2016 will feature a number of special elements to facilitate inspiration, and promote talent. The most popular being the open mic segment where we invite all event goers to express themselves through rap, poetry, song etc., set amidst the artworks and eclectic interior of Jennifer Ford Art.

Judah White, Max Wells, and Tyler Boom are a few of the talented artists that will be appearing on stage this weekend. Other features include a live painting done by the talented Hannah Kirk and creative portraits displayed and sold by the owner of Rosewood Film, Andre Portee. The night will be topped off with a live podcast of "Indigo Sound" by owner Cambry Hicks. 

Connect with others who desire more from life April 16th from 7pm - 11pm at #IndigoLounge.

Follow "Indigo Lounge" for $6 pre-sale online tickets, pre-event open mic sign up and further information on the event! 

Photography by Alison Resac

Article by guest writer Rashiida Mago, Indigo Lounge Creative Director