Honesty in the Workplace. Good.

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For many, this seems like a given. For others, honesty can be a bad thing if you work in the right industry. I am here to tell everyone that there should be no question in anybody’s mind as to the truth in this statement.

It doesn’t matter which industry you are in. Manufacturing? Be true with the order numbers. Accounting? Record the numbers as you see them. Customer sales? Don’t you dare lie to the customer to get a sale. It is not just for the sake of getting in trouble and losing your job. It’s for a much more important reason than money.

It is for your dignity.

It’s true. There is no money result for your dignity. You could throw me any dollar amount in bribes to get me to lie and I will look you in the eye and say, “No way in hell.”

You see, I love my job. Being in customer sales, I love my job because the words that come out of my mouth are clean and full of truth. From personal experience, I am definitely not the only one who agrees with the outcome of honesty. My customers want my opinion not as a salesman, but as a person. I will take the sales badge off and tell them not to buy our product if it isn’t right for them. If I don’t get them as a customer, I will still be able to keep their business.

This is all well and good for me, but what about the business? It. Will. Thrive. Who wants to work with a company that will say anything you want to hear if it means getting your money?

If you said that you would, go back and read this article. Rinse and repeat.

By Robert Miller