Fort Wayne Ballet: Dance Connects Us [Video]

“There are times when the simple dignity of movement can fulfill the function of a volume of words.” 

- Doris Humphrey

Throughout time people have sought out dance for many different reasons. However, dance is a universal language, it breeches language barriers and portrays individual expression of feelings and stories. Dancing, while not always graceful, is appreciated across the globe in many different countries and cultures and it is through dance that many different people can find unity and understanding.

Here in Fort Wayne, we have many different dancers. Some dance in their homes, some in their yards, some in specially taught dance classes, and others for entertainment on the street. However different their reasons are, or the paths they have chosen, they all share one common bond. Their love of dance. The Fort Wayne Ballet is, in itself, a haven for those with the love of the style of ballet dancing. They perform throughout the year with many different performances. One of the most prominent is the showing of The Nutcracker.

The art of ballet is one that showcases many of the beautiful qualities of dance. Gracefulness, unity, and story-telling all come into play. Many different dancers come together in order to tell a story and to share their love of dancing with those who are watching, even if they have completely different life stories or personalities.

Three of these dancers talked with us about what drives them to pursue their love of dance and how it helps to shape their everyday lives.

It's dance that connects these girls together, and it may be one day the beautiful language that can truly connect us all. Whether it be ballet, hip-hop, emotional, or cultural, dance has always and will continue to speak to each of us in a different way. Like the country singer John Michael Montgomery sang,

"Life's a dance you learn as you go

Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow

Don't worry about what you don't know

Life's a dance you learn as you go."