Calico Precision Molding, LLC (Calico) brings “Closure” to the Industrial Packaging Industry

Photo by  Tony Frantz

Photo by Tony Frantz

Calico Precision Molding, LLC (Calico) brings “Closure” to the Industrial Packaging Industry. For companies specializing in providing a superior packaging solution for their customer, Calico now offers a patented brand of products called the Polytec 70MM Closure Cap.

Their Polytec 70MM Closure Cap is your secure and reliable solution to ensure your product is packaged safely. It is a difference you, your customers, and their customers will notice.

Calico understands the importance of closure cap reliability throughout the supply chain. They listened to customer concerns and have developed a rigidly consistent, tough, dependable and reliable product that performs as expected. The Closure Cap product features include:

  • Increased cap height provides maximum thread engagement
  • Six and Eight thread per inch configuration
  • Protective ring for PTFE vent to prevent damage caused by abrasion and scuffing
  • Optional PTFE Micro porous vent membrane
  • Optional ¾” threaded reducer fittings in vented and non-vented versions
  • Optional Tamper Evident band for increased security with patent pending directional lugs
  • Optional Variety of Colors available upon request
  • Optional Gasket Material available upon request

The enhanced 70MM closure design assembled with an FDA approved EPDM gasket provides your company with a higher standard closure cap that will help build your customers’ trust in you. Given the opportunity, Calico will exceed your expectations and provide your company with “Closure” in knowing the integrity of your packaging solutions has been met.

By Robert Miller