Fort Wayne Man Heads to NASA ... Social

Fort Wayne's own John McGauley, an avid space buff, recently had the chance to attend a NASA Social event. His account of the experience is truly inspiring, and as fellow space fans here at DasFort, we just had to share.

We especially love this excerpt, and his family minded mission. 

To me, exploration and spaceflight are about far more than the gee-whiz of rocket launches, engineering marvels and amazing images from the far reaches of the universe. They are more about human beings discarding their limits and doing what they dream of, rather than what they believe they are capable of. I believe spaceflight is humanity’s sure-fire route to making “impossible” an obsolete word.

I love sharing spaceflight with my 9-year-old daughter because it sends the message that she can do whatever she wants, go wherever she wants and achieve anything simply because she set the goal, overcame the obstacles and did the work.

Check out the full article on our sister site, Spaces Quarterly:

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John is one Fort Wayner with an eye in the sky in more ways than one, check out his Instagram for some amazing drone shots of the city.

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