5 Reasons You Need Yearly Family Pictures


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Family pictures. The words generate a sense of dread in men and children, stress in mothers, and swooning in grandmothers. I know, it's a hassle. You're busy enough. Life is crammed too full. The fullness of life and the lack of moments where we just stop, take a breath, and really look at the people around us are the exact reasons why we need family photos. Here's 5 reasons why my family takes pictures whenever we get the chance, and also regularly invests in professional family portraits.


1. Pictures capture more than just the memory of the moment, they capture the memories of the time.

When we look at family portraits, we don't just see that one moment where we all stood nicely in complimentary colors and smiled until our faces hurt. We remember that time in our lives. We remember the trip to the ice cream shop after and the shopping trips leading up to the session. We remember the hair cuts, the frantic search for the missing shoe, and the conversations we held on the way. We remember the jobs we had, the school projects, and the after school activities in which we were involved. More often than not, when I look at pictures with my family, the conversation turns to, "wasn't that the month when ..." or, "I remember that was the year we ..." and looking back on those pictures becomes more meaningful than we ever imagined it would be.


2. It allows us to capture who we are in that moment and how we change.

I've found this to be true with children, especially. Last year, we tried to take family portraits with my almost 2 year old and she screamed the entire time. After rescheduling 3 different sessions, hours of tears (hers and mine), and some pretty frustrated drives home, we decided to just go with it. I have a slew of pictures in which she's either screaming, death glaring at the camera, or playing and not paying the least bit of attention to us trying to photograph her. As it turns out, I love those pictures. She was quite a handful during that season of her life, and it's fun to look back and remember.

It's not just children who change. Maybe you went through a phase where you had a strong affinity with boots. Maybe you chopped all your hair off or dyed it purple. For my family, I try and take pictures in settings and situations that represent what we love at the time. We have urban photos, country photos, photos with family pets, destination photos, and plain old studio photos. It's fun to remember what I loved or what was trendy that year.

Photo from Author's archives. Note my toddler, not looking at the camera.
Photo from Author's archives. Note my toddler, not looking at the camera.

3.TBT, FBF, and TT, people.

Where will you get your throwback Thursday, flashback Friday, and transformation Tuesday pictures if you don't have family photos taken? Seriously, though, as much as we can remember trends or what we liked and disliked through our pictures, physical appearances do change quite a bit from year to year. This is obvious with our children, but holds true for adults as well.


4. You never know what the future holds.

This speaks for itself. You never realize, at the time, how precious those moments are going to be.


5. Your Grandma will love it.

Lifehack: I give my grandma pictures of my family as Christmas gifts. I also have family members who make their pictures into calendars for my grandma. She loves it. Frame them up, make magnets out of them, heck, put your faces on a mousepad, grandmas love it.


All photos, unless otherwise stated, by Tony Frantz.