DasFort Media offers several options to establish your brand.

Consultation is available to make this process as convenient as possible for you by ensuring that you have all the photography, social media, video, and other media you will need for your brand. Establish your marketing strategy with more than just the ideas we have to offer.

Get established with us.


DasFort will continue to work with you as you expand your business to ensure you maintain a cohesive look and feel as your brand grows.


DasFort can give you a coordinated design for your social media presence.

This includes backgrounds, profile images and banners necessary for blogs, Etsy, Facebook and Twitter. All final files are cut to each particular size requirement for ease of setup. Social Media design is billed at an hourly rate and invoiced on a monthly basis.

Make sure your digital and printed marketing materials are designed to represent your business and extend your reach. This might include trade show banners, advertisements, a business card, sticker/tag, shipping label, gift certificate, postcard, letterhead, single page flyer, signage, price list/menu card, greeting card or invoice. Final files are prepared to spec and we can even help with setting up print orders to make the entire process as easy as possible for you. 

Additional services available include MailChimp template design and general website design. If you have any questions at all about working together to accomplish your design goals, please don't hesitate to reach out!



  • Looking for some professional advice or a fresh set of eyes?

  • Need help figuring out what your brand should do online?

  • Ready to take your business to the next level?

Most people schedule more than one coaching/consulting session, often with at least one follow up. Prepaid multiple sessions will receive a discount. 


 $1500/One-time setup fee* BOOK IT!

We will jumpstart your social media presence and help you build/curate all your feeds for one month. This covers strategizing and creating social media profiles, auditing existing content, as well as publishing curated content for one month. (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook)

Remember, you could “build a Twitter following” by simply tweeting once in awhile, or you could put quality time and effort into building one strategically, connecting with specific targets and really growing a kick-ass community.  This goes for all social media platforms. Your engagement is encouraged to supplement ours! 


Tailored to suit your specific entrepreneurial needs with competitive tips for your business sector. From brainstorming marketing plans to fine tuning your media strategy—we will help make sure your brand is not only ready to move forward, but ready to launch.

In Person: $150 hour

Via Zoom: $100 hour