DasFort Media

Social Media 101: Managing Your Online Image 

In a world constantly inundated by content from every platform, it’s important for your brand to stand out in the online arena. After your website is standing tall, you need to ensure your business has a cohesive cyber presence.

After years of consulting brands through various stages of growth, we've developed solid action plans to increase engagement and brand loyalty. 

Social Media Consult — $75 per hour

* Phone or Skype *

Understand how a message translates between different types of media platforms, and how a cohesive thread should tie them all together. 

Learn how to shape your community presence along with tips and guidelines for each platform. Consultancy covers providing social media engagement strategies, and social media editorial guidance.

Our social media specialists will:

    •    Audit your social media accounts and community management 

    •    Community and blogger outreach

    •    Determine engagement strategies based on community and social media platform (branded communities, Facebook, Twitter, and others)

    •    Create and refine your social media strategy

    •    Research competitors

    •    Develop social media strategy, best practices, training courses and brand building

Social Media Power Boost — $1500

* One-time setup fee *

We will jumpstart your social media presence and help you build/curate all your feeds for one month. This covers strategizing and creating social media profiles, auditing existing content, as well as publishing curated content for one month. (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook)

Remember, you could “build a Twitter following” by simply tweeting once in awhile, or you could put quality time and effort into building one strategically, connecting with specific targets and really growing a kick-ass community. This goes for all social media platforms. Your engagement is encouraged to supplement ours!