Professional Spotlight: Billy Davenport

Billy Davenport
Billy Davenport

Billy Davenport, 31, is something of a rarity: he makes insurance personable again. Working at Old National Insurance as a Commercial Account Executive in risk management, Billy loves what he does. “One of the greatest parts about being in this business is that you get to help eliminate worry from the client and be there for them when something goes wrong.”

It’s a good thing, too, because providing insurance in the risk management business can seem to some people as being stressful and nerve wrecking.

Billy prefers to dampen the anxiety by working face-to-face before a policy is created and once the coverage is needed. He feels that if a problem arises, he should be reachable anytime of the day, any day of the week.

And if a business seems to have an over abundance of insurance? He tells them. Sure, it may prevent the potential for gaining more money for the company, but that is not why Billy is in the “game.” His job is based upon ethical morals and trust. Why shouldn’t it be? He is an insurance salesman.