"New + Fort Wayne" Photo Contest Highlights

This winter, the crew over at HT2 were kind enough to sponsor a photo contest. As a new craft cocktail lounge located in southwest Fort Wayne, they understand what it takes to bring something into existence; to create, establish, and become a new business.

As a small business, we are constantly evolving— we appreciate developing new areas of expertise, perpetual education, and conquering new frontiers. 

Our photo contest theme was "New + Fort Wayne" — open for interpretation, but we were hoping for new scenes, new perspectives, and seeing what is new in this city for you.

2018, I’m comin’ for you

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Megan Hevel's simple black and white photo really struck a chord with us. A fresh layer of perfectly white snow, laid out before a pair of feet, ready for forward motion, ready for whatever the new year may hold. The future is a blank slate upon which we can build anything we desire. One long line of shadow rises slightly up and to the right, reminding us of a climbing line graph, marking the passage of time, growth, experience, and success. 

Congratulations to Megan, and the winning photograph! She received a $100 gift certificate to HT2.

Thank you to all the participants, your photos made us smile, and gives us all a wider outlook on this city we call home.

Here are a few of our favorites, it was so hard to pick just one winner!

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"Eskimo weather" by Matt Hakey. It is definitely bundle up weather in the Fort, and these eyes peeking out of a big furry hood remind us how humans "hibernate" with layers (all of them).  

Sunset 🌅 #DasFort

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What to say about this photo?! It hits all the high points of our downtown, PLUS a stunning sunset, and a lunar appearance. Talk about an excellent view, by Robert Buesching. 

Anyone else reminded of Narnia? Looking through a portal to a winter wonderland— we can almost smell the pine! Gorgeous gallery entries by Starr Hullinger.

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A bright pop of pink made our eyes smile, thanks to Liz Masson.

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In the midst of winter, it's easy to see a lot of white and gray. Loving the fun color spectrum from Sarah Robison.

Can you feel the joy and excitement in this photo? A new snow covered world and the magic of Christmas hold a sense of wonder for all ages, especially this tot, by Emily Richardson. 

Christmas Reflections

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Lisa tagged several stunning scenes, it was hard to pick just one. This reflection made us look twice however, and we love the new take on a classic season staple. 


Thanks again to everyone who participated, and everyone who continues to tag #DasFort. With almost 7.5 thousand tags, we get to see the city through your lens, and hopefully, share the best about Fort Wayne.

Be sure to check out HT2, a locally owned, veteran linked, cocktail lounge just off of Illinois Road.


If you're interested in collaborating with us, on a contest, video, website, or any kind of promotion, let us know! We love shining a light on local businesses in the Fort.

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