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Bravas Burgers: The Beginning

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Over the weekend, Bravas Burgers celebrated their third anniversary. Here is a two-part interview we did with chef/owner Bo Gonzalez, and Old 5 and Dime Sign Co's Justin Lim.

"We started out with a cart, and then we moved to a food truck. We're getting to the point in the food truck where we're running errands every day, and we're re-prepping food every day — it just makes sense for us to have a home base.

Do something cool, do something you believe in. Do something that you can wake up and you want to get into your kitchen and come up with something that you think your customers are going to be like, "Dang!" — and want to share it on social media. You want to do something kinda out there, but still delicious. 

I honestly got into this because I thought it might be a little easier, and I don't know what I was thinking. I was 19, so I was kind of an idiot.

This town wants cool things, you know? There's so many food trucks out there now that are doing really well and have great products. I think Fort Wayne is totally supportive." — Bo Gonzales, chef/founder Bravas Food.

"I'm Justin Lim. I've been here lettering all Bravas new windows. I do all hand lettering, and gold leaf, and some pinstriping on motorcycles and hot rods. 

However much time you spend actually painting, there's also that same amount of time behind the scenes at the studio — drawing out the patterns, everything is all hand-drawn and spaced out. All the stuff you see here was on a big piece of paper.

This design was done by Shaun Malinowski at Good Stuff. It kind of bounced off how Shaun originally laid out Bravas, and we kind of collaborated from there.

I like Fort Wayne a lot, especially local mom-and-pop shops. Even if they're not from Fort Wayne, all small businesses are very cool, they'll give me a few ideas and then let me just do my own thing. 

I never really did any painting until I started sign painting — that was the first paint medium that I've ever really messed with, and I just fell in love with it." — Justin Lim, owner/founder Old 5 and Dime Sign Company.


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"Fall in the Fort" Photo Contest

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This contest was sponsored by Chappell's Coral Grill. The winner received a $100 gift certificate.

Congratulations to @mamas.tribe for snapping the winning photograph for our "Fall in the Fort" photo contest. Open for interpretation, we were looking for someone to illustrate the city of Fort Wayne with an autumnal theme. Pumpkins, flowers, " I 💛 FW," and an adorable citizen fit the bill and made us smile.

We appreciate all the wonderful submissions, and it was hard to just choose one winner. The photos reveal a cozy little midwestern town full of golden light and fall foliage, from different perspectives, and many paths.

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Take a look at how your fellow Fort Waynians see this city. 

Special thanks to runner-up @journeymei for all her submissions, it was hard to pick just one to include! Be sure to check out her page for some truly seasonal shots around town. 

Love taking walks after a long day of work downtown. 🍂🍁 #FortWayneAutumn #DasFort

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Comfy clothes, and crunchy leaves by @shopmelimei.

The comfiest dress you will wear this fall💜🍂

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Well-lit branches guard this cemetery by @yarblesss. 

Black and gold feature from @ourcountrybungalowlife. Perfect fall colors, and a cornfield in the back to boot!

This downtown view features the Botanical Conservatory and just the faintest hint of changing greenery from @bartlett_travis.

"Good leavening everyone," from @matt.hakey.

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Since we started with a jack-o-lantern, we thought it'd only be fitting to end with one, and not just any one: The Great Fort Wayne Pumpkin from @brettgauger. 

The Great #FortWayne Pumpkin. 🎃❤️ #FWPumpkinPatch #DTFW

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Thanks again to everyone who participated, we love seeing the city through your lens! 

Thanks also to our sponsor, Chappell's Coral Grill. Slinging steaks, seafood, and serving up a killer 60+ item salad bar. 

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Around the Town with Keri Garcia: Festival Fun

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What's better than the Three Rivers Festival in the summer, and the Johnny Appleseed Festival in the fall? They're hard to beat and staples of Fort Wayne family fun.

As always, filming with Keri was a blast! Get to know Fort Wayne a little better:

"Today I’m taking you to two of my favorite Fort Wayne festivals. One of the most famous —The Three Rivers Festival — is also the oldest, running since 1969. Let’s take a look!

Recently featured on The Cooking Channel’s ‘Carnival Eats,’ Junk Food Alley is Fort Wayne Famous — here you’ll find award-winning funnel cakes, chocolate covered goodies, and deep-fried everything."

Click here for the full text.  

Or check out her previous videos: 

Around the Town with Keri Garcia: Farmers Markets

Around the Town with Keri Garcia: Parkview Field 

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Commune with Nature at Fox Island

Featured, Real EstateBrad Reuille

by Brad Reuille

Encompassing 605 acres in Southwest Allen County, with 270 acres dedicated as a State Nature Preserve, Fox Island County Park hosts a variety of seasonal attractions for its visitors. 

The park itself contains over seven miles of marked trails, while six miles are available during the winter for cross country skiing. However, the cross skiing course’s availability during this time depends on there being four or more inches of snow.

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Fox Island also hosts many different species of animals and plants. These species thrive in the park in a vast multitude of habitats, including marsh, seasonal ponds, and wetland forests. Also, the park contains a glacial sand dune. The dune, which formed from the retreat of the Wisconsin Glacier over 14,000 years ago, rises forty feet above the marsh located in the park.

The available amenities that the park features includes the Nature Center, which hosts classrooms, a conference room, a gift shop, and education offices. Another amenity available for visitors of the park is Bowman Lake, which features a swimming beach, and at its deepest point is 18 feet deep. Also, there is a beach where visitors can bring their dogs, and they are allowed off leash to go swimming. 

Head on out and experience the wildlife of Fort Wayne!

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