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"New + Fort Wayne" Photo Contest Highlights

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This winter, the crew over at HT2 were kind enough to sponsor a photo contest. As a new craft cocktail lounge located in southwest Fort Wayne, they understand what it takes to bring something into existence; to create, establish, and become a new business.

As a small business, we are constantly evolving— we appreciate developing new areas of expertise, perpetual education, and conquering new frontiers. 

Our photo contest theme was "New + Fort Wayne" — open for interpretation, but we were hoping for new scenes, new perspectives, and seeing what is new in this city for you.

2018, I’m comin’ for you

A post shared by Megan Hevel (@meganhevel) on

Megan Hevel's simple black and white photo really struck a chord with us. A fresh layer of perfectly white snow, laid out before a pair of feet, ready for forward motion, ready for whatever the new year may hold. The future is a blank slate upon which we can build anything we desire. One long line of shadow rises slightly up and to the right, reminding us of a climbing line graph, marking the passage of time, growth, experience, and success. 

Congratulations to Megan, and the winning photograph! She received a $100 gift certificate to HT2.

Thank you to all the participants, your photos made us smile, and gives us all a wider outlook on this city we call home.

Here are a few of our favorites, it was so hard to pick just one winner!

A post shared by Matt Hakey (@matt.hakey) on

"Eskimo weather" by Matt Hakey. It is definitely bundle up weather in the Fort, and these eyes peeking out of a big furry hood remind us how humans "hibernate" with layers (all of them).  

Sunset 🌅 #DasFort

A post shared by Robert Buesching (@robertbuesching) on

What to say about this photo?! It hits all the high points of our downtown, PLUS a stunning sunset, and a lunar appearance. Talk about an excellent view, by Robert Buesching. 

Anyone else reminded of Narnia? Looking through a portal to a winter wonderland— we can almost smell the pine! Gorgeous gallery entries by Starr Hullinger.

A post shared by Liz Masson (@lizmasson.photo) on

A bright pop of pink made our eyes smile, thanks to Liz Masson.

A post shared by Sarah Robison (@ssrobison) on

In the midst of winter, it's easy to see a lot of white and gray. Loving the fun color spectrum from Sarah Robison.

Can you feel the joy and excitement in this photo? A new snow covered world and the magic of Christmas hold a sense of wonder for all ages, especially this tot, by Emily Richardson. 

Christmas Reflections

A post shared by Lisa (@lmbbaldwin) on

Lisa tagged several stunning scenes, it was hard to pick just one. This reflection made us look twice however, and we love the new take on a classic season staple. 


Thanks again to everyone who participated, and everyone who continues to tag #DasFort. With almost 7.5 thousand tags, we get to see the city through your lens, and hopefully, share the best about Fort Wayne.

Be sure to check out HT2, a locally owned, veteran linked, cocktail lounge just off of Illinois Road.


If you're interested in collaborating with us, on a contest, video, website, or any kind of promotion, let us know! We love shining a light on local businesses in the Fort.

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"Fall in the Fort" Photo Contest

March Photo Contest Winner & Honorable Mentions 


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Homemade Holiday Break Activities

The ArtsSarah Bayard

*Guest post by Fort Wayne native, Sarah Bayard. Follow her around the world, right here: Salt Water Yachtie.* 

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. There are parties for hosting, marshmallows for roasting, and crazy Aunt Sue getting drunk. Sure, it’s not exactly ideal having more family members than beds in the same house but with a cup of hot cocoa and these fun (and sane) Christmas ideas you can keep the cabin fever at bay. 

Feeding the Birds

This one is super easy and you’ll get to reap the benefits of it all winter. Pick out your favorite Christmas themed cookie cutters, heat up some coconut oil, and add some bird seed. I would also recommend adding a bit a honey for all those birds that have a sweet tooth around the holidays. 


Just Call Me Martha 

While everyone is fussing over wrapping presents and making sure the house is spotless, sweeten up every one’s day by making a delicious homemade pie. Take your time and really make it more than a pie, make it a work of art by creating a beautiful and ornate pie crust. A cranberry apple is always a Christmas fave. 


Silky Smooth Skin

In the dead of winter, your skin is quenching of thirst. The air is dry, it’s cold, and it’s probably dreaming of having a mojito on the beach somewhere like the rest of us. Buy yourself some unrefined shea butter, organic coconut oil, beeswax, and essential oils and make family and friends homemade lotion bars. Find cute molds online and get creative by adding a little cocoa powder or oatmeal. These little guys are perfect for stocking stuffers and stubborn dry skin. Plus it’s something to do while watching Christmas Vacation. 


Cold Feet, Warm Heart?

This one a little more advanced, and you’ll need a little more time, but with a few more months of winter coming up it’ll be the perfect project—hand made stockings. Head over to Goodwill or Salvation Army and look for all wool sweaters, once you have a couple you like go ahead and wash them and dry them so that they will felt. After that, it’s basically up to you how little or how much effort you want to put into it. Glue little pom poms on it and whip stitch the sides to give it an extra special handmade look. 


The Icing on the Cake

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? You don’t need any occasion to make cupcakes which makes them all the more fun. Give this rainbow frosting a try the next time you get bored. Or use red and green to make them an extra delicious Christmas treat! 


Once you have cut, baked, and crafted to your heart’s desire sit down with the family, pour yourself some eggnog and pop in your favorite Christmas movie.

Merry Christmas, Fort Wayne! 


*All photos by the author, Sarah Bayard.*

Bravas Burgers: The Beginning

Food, Business, The ArtsDasFort

Over the weekend, Bravas Burgers celebrated their third anniversary. Here is a two-part interview we did with chef/owner Bo Gonzalez, and Old 5 and Dime Sign Co's Justin Lim.

"We started out with a cart, and then we moved to a food truck. We're getting to the point in the food truck where we're running errands every day, and we're re-prepping food every day — it just makes sense for us to have a home base.

Do something cool, do something you believe in. Do something that you can wake up and you want to get into your kitchen and come up with something that you think your customers are going to be like, "Dang!" — and want to share it on social media. You want to do something kinda out there, but still delicious. 

I honestly got into this because I thought it might be a little easier, and I don't know what I was thinking. I was 19, so I was kind of an idiot.

This town wants cool things, you know? There's so many food trucks out there now that are doing really well and have great products. I think Fort Wayne is totally supportive." — Bo Gonzales, chef/founder Bravas Food.

"I'm Justin Lim. I've been here lettering all Bravas new windows. I do all hand lettering, and gold leaf, and some pinstriping on motorcycles and hot rods. 

However much time you spend actually painting, there's also that same amount of time behind the scenes at the studio — drawing out the patterns, everything is all hand-drawn and spaced out. All the stuff you see here was on a big piece of paper.

This design was done by Shaun Malinowski at Good Stuff. It kind of bounced off how Shaun originally laid out Bravas, and we kind of collaborated from there.

I like Fort Wayne a lot, especially local mom-and-pop shops. Even if they're not from Fort Wayne, all small businesses are very cool, they'll give me a few ideas and then let me just do my own thing. 

I never really did any painting until I started sign painting — that was the first paint medium that I've ever really messed with, and I just fell in love with it." — Justin Lim, owner/founder Old 5 and Dime Sign Company.


A post shared by Bravas Food (@bravasfood) on

"Fall in the Fort" Photo Contest

The ArtsDasFort

This contest was sponsored by Chappell's Coral Grill. The winner received a $100 gift certificate.

Congratulations to @mamas.tribe for snapping the winning photograph for our "Fall in the Fort" photo contest. Open for interpretation, we were looking for someone to illustrate the city of Fort Wayne with an autumnal theme. Pumpkins, flowers, " I 💛 FW," and an adorable citizen fit the bill and made us smile.

We appreciate all the wonderful submissions, and it was hard to just choose one winner. The photos reveal a cozy little midwestern town full of golden light and fall foliage, from different perspectives, and many paths.

A post shared by DasFort (@dasfort) on

Take a look at how your fellow Fort Waynians see this city. 

Special thanks to runner-up @journeymei for all her submissions, it was hard to pick just one to include! Be sure to check out her page for some truly seasonal shots around town. 

Love taking walks after a long day of work downtown. 🍂🍁 #FortWayneAutumn #DasFort

A post shared by Journey (@journeymei) on

Comfy clothes, and crunchy leaves by @shopmelimei.

The comfiest dress you will wear this fall💜🍂

A post shared by Meli Mei (@shopmelimei) on

Well-lit branches guard this cemetery by @yarblesss. 

Black and gold feature from @ourcountrybungalowlife. Perfect fall colors, and a cornfield in the back to boot!

This downtown view features the Botanical Conservatory and just the faintest hint of changing greenery from @bartlett_travis.

"Good leavening everyone," from @matt.hakey.

A post shared by Matt Hakey (@matt.hakey) on

Since we started with a jack-o-lantern, we thought it'd only be fitting to end with one, and not just any one: The Great Fort Wayne Pumpkin from @brettgauger. 

The Great #FortWayne Pumpkin. 🎃❤️ #FWPumpkinPatch #DTFW

A post shared by Brett Gauger (@brettgauger) on

Thanks again to everyone who participated, we love seeing the city through your lens! 

Thanks also to our sponsor, Chappell's Coral Grill. Slinging steaks, seafood, and serving up a killer 60+ item salad bar. 

From photographs and videos, to content creation, DasFort media can help you build and maintain an attractive web presence. Stand out from the crowd of the digital age with custom material highlighting your unique business. 

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